Wednesday, May 1, 2013

In the Hazy Mist of Dreaming

<Button is lying in a deep slumber with a slight twitching of her legs and a silent snooze; if we could, let us look into her dream.>

“My legs are strong and my body is fixed.   I have a strong mind and I am ready for anything.  I run and laugh in the endless field with no danger in sight, not near or far.  It is peaceful with Maisy in the distance waiting for me.  I run so fast I cannot feel the ground.  I can stand up like my Dad does and I can stand still.  It is an amazing place in my dreams.”

<Button wakes up because Mom walks toward her, Button is so happy to see her and starts shaking her head and begins crawling towards Mom.  How happy a little bunny can be!>


  1. Button is a beautiful special bunny!xx Speedy and Rachel

  2. Snow white with sky blue eyes! Why is her name Button? 'Cause she is as cute as!!!! Mom and dad are blessed to be able to snorgle this baby girl!

  3. this is rather sad :( But I am so glad she has got you to take care of her now.