Saturday, April 13, 2013

My Name is Keebler

My name is Keebler because I am a dwarf Polish bunny who everyone thinks I look like Nico. I don’t see it.  Mom had her eye on me for a while and after I started having teeth problems, they just decided to adopt me.  I am so happy.  I get to run around with Maisy and Button every night.  We have different pens because Mom and Dad want to keep an eye on me and my pooping arrangements. 

For six weeks, Dad was syringe feeding me twice a day, but today, whoo hoo—I ate Critical Care on my own out of a bowl.  I still need a Pen-G shot every other day and Metacam once a day until my infection and teeth issues get fixed.  I have to go back every six weeks right now.  The lady doctor said I have the teeth of an eight year old bunny even though I am only about age two.  She pulled one of my teeth and another one broke off.  That tooth has been causing me issues and it is a S-L-O-W grower too.  Dependent on the infection, once it gets to a point—get it, a point (ha ha  I crack myself up), it will need to be pulled.

Keebler starts singing the Van Halen song, Right Now!

Right now, hey 
It's your tomorrow 
Right now, 
C'mon, it's everything 
Right now, 
Catch a magic moment, do it 
Right here and now 

Oh sorry, I am another Rocker Bunny!  Right now, I am better.  I have a lot to say.  Like the Van Halen song says; live BIG or go HOME.   I am having fun living the sweet life and I love my girl friends Maisy and Button.


Oh yeah!  Dad calls me “Key” a lot.


  1. Key, I love that little pink smoochie mouf! I know mom and dad will take good care of those not-so-pearl-eee-whites.Tell your parental units to put your stats up for us to see!

  2. Hello Key,nice to meet you,boy you have made in you new parents will take good care of you,I'll br popping round from time to time you new pal as I'm a pal to the others already,xx Speedy

  3. ::kisses:: good luck sweet bunny

  4. Keebler is lucky to have such dedicated humans =]

  5. Welcome to your wonderful new home, Keebler. You are a lucky bun. And you have a really cute little bunny mouf!

  6. Can't wait to hear more Keebler stories!

  7. Aww, you are so cute Keebler! Xxx Your humans will look after you so well, can't wait to hear more from you! :)

  8. We have given you an award so you can check it out if you have time :)

  9. Darling little Keebler. I'm soooooooooooo happy you have such a perfect and loving family. Happy bunny dance for you!

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