Sunday, March 11, 2012

Yoshi's Escape

Yoshi:  The new hay basket is a little higher than normal today.  Mom and Dad are not home right now and Tokki is staying with our auntie.  I am going to get up here on top of the hay basket like I have done so many times.  I'm so bored not having Tokki in the pen adjacent to me.  You know, I think I can stretch over and jump to the floor today.  Hey thanks for getting me this new hay basket, Dad!

One, two, ta-da!  I did it!  Ha!

Nico:  Heeeey!  How did you do that...get out of your pen on your own?  You know Yoshi, you could let me out now.

Yoshi:  I don't know boss, I just jumped is all of the yoga training that I do.  I can teach you, but probably not at this time.  I'm bored and I've got to go and meditate.

Nico:  Wait a minute now.  Slow down for a minute and come here.  How did you jump like that?

Yoshi:  I willed it, boss.

Piper:  How rude.

Nico:  Dude, get me out of here and we can play spaceship.
Yoshi:  I'll try.

<Yoshi looks around Nico and Piper's pen while Nico looks around inside, but they can't figure a way out for Nico.>

Yoshi:  Will it boss!  Like I did.

<They wait out the willing period with Nico and Yoshi's eyes shut doing teeth purring and ohms together.  Piper's sitting there rolling her eyes watching the boys trying to will Nico's escape but nothing happens.  Yoshi says sorry and ventures his way to the living room to relax with his thoughts and yoga therapy.  Auntie walks in the front door and Yoshi bounces to his paws and says oh so casually...>

Yoshi:  Hey, what's up?

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