Saturday, March 3, 2012

Reporting from the Sanctuary: Bonded Pairs

<The scene is set:  Nico and Piper are at the Two Bunny Blog News table.>

Hi.  I am Nico.

And I am Piper, these stories and more tonight on Two Bunny Blog News (TBBN).

Nico:  We have a breaking story from the sanctuary.  Tokki is there live now.  Tokki, can you hear me?

Tokki:  Yes, Nico and Piper I am here at the scene of the sanctuary where cuteness is all around us.  We have two bonded pairs here tonight with great adorableness who need a home with loving parents. 

First are two twin sisters, Amelia and Milan, two gray American Mix bunnies.  They are about two years old and both are love bugs.  They will snuggle in your lap; but, hee-hee, I said “butt” <cough cough> they need a place to binky around too.

       Lastly, Spring and Blossom…Spring is a buck and the doe is Blossom.  Blossom is white with a touch of black and she is a Lionhead.  Spring is the cutest Californian boy.  This duo needs a loving home too.  Smaller bunnies are best with a family with older children like teenagers or for those without any kids.

Both of these pairs are up for adoption at the North Texas Rabbit Sanctuary.  That’s all for now, this is Tokki B.  Now back to Nico and Piper.

Piper:  Thank you Tokki and now to Yoshi for the sports.

Yoshi:  In the local B-ball brackets, the Cottontails defeated the Warrior Monk Squirrels, the Fighting Ferrets defeated the Giant Guinea Pigs, the Prairie Dogs defeated the House Buns, and lastly the Handsome Hamsters defeated the Muss Muskrats.  The Never Said Nutrias will play the Reckless Hedgehogs tonight.  Back to you, boss.

Nico:  Stop calling me that <looks at the camera with a wide toothy grin>.  That is all for TBBN for this crazy winter night.  And a throwback to old school, don’t touch that dial because the kids that are graduating in 2015 won’t know what we are talking about.



  1. Wow - good work. I almost blew a tube! What about the weather?

  2. Best of luck to the sweet little rescue buns!

  3. They look so cute, i'm sure they will find happy homes