Saturday, March 31, 2012

My Name is Cookie or Is It Quinn?

My rescuer calls me Quinn; however, my foster parents are calling me Cookie.  <Winking with tongue out and paw up in the air like a thumb> Just call me…! 

I am an eight week old Hotot bunny that has just been rescued and I am having a good time with my foster parents.  The sanctuary was too crowded right now for a baby, so I am being fostered until I am old enough to be neutered or spayed.  Yes, I said OR.  My foster parents can’t tell yet if I am a buck or a doe, and I am not telling until needed.

I have my own pen set up on the other side of the house from the bigger fur kids, but they come over to look and visit or stare at me.  Ha ha ha it is funny, like they have never before seen a baby.

My foster mom was home one day and I disappeared like a fart in the wind.  She was worried because she didn’t see me in the pen.  I didn’t realize how worried she would be.  I didn’t mean to worry anyone, especially my foster parents.  I just needed a place to hide and snore in private.  I was under the hanging hayrack next to the little box where I go poo poo and pee pee <hee hee hee>.

My foster mom found me when she called my foster dad and he asked her to look there.  She thought I jumped out and went Bunny Gone Wild.

I get to run around the living quarters in the late, late evening.  It has been fun here, but I know my real parents will be just as much fun.  I get to write on the blog as long as I am here to let you bunny lovers know what will become of me in my new journey. 

Cookie or Quinn


  1. Hello Cookie/Quinn,you are very cute so it won't belong before you have some real parents!

  2. How adorable! Surely this one will find a Forever Home soon.

  3. Well who ever you are, you got a good thing going there! And you are cute as a button!

  4. hello little one, hope you will get thoroughly spoilt like my bunnies from now on