Thursday, September 29, 2011

No Weak Link

I received a carrot fortune the other day that said, “Live, think, and act for today.  Tomorrow may be too late.”  It got me thinking about the way us bunnies act.  We are nervous creatures but we don’t show weakness.  Us bunnies are able to take stress away from you humans and give you calm, inner peace. 

Since we are creatures of prey, showing sickness or injury would let a predator know that we are vulnerable, and so unless we are very sick, we show no signs of pain or hurting.  Even us house bunnies keep those traits. 

In the Art of Butt, Bun Tzu says to only show weakness when you are strong and act strong when you are weak…or something to that fact.  This means live, think, and act as you would want the world to treat you, and treat the next bunny stranger as your best friend because you never know if that bunny may be your next bonded buddy.  Wow!  I need to watch more TV because this is deep for a Wednesday morning <turning to the Syfy Channel>.

Live, laugh, and love, 

Sunday, September 25, 2011

International Bunny Day

Happy International Bunny Day!  Yes, today is International Rabbit, ahem, Bunny Day.  It is held on the fourth Saturday or Sunday in September.  I hope you say hello and good day to the nearest house or wild bunny in your life.  Because this day is our day, the world should stop for a minute to say happy, happy International Bunny Day!

We hope your International Bunny Day is a day of special and happy moments,

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Construction Site

There should be a sign saying “Hard Hats Only” or “Don’t have your hard hats—stay away!” because this site is not a safe place but is a site to see.  Piper and Nico are building a new play house, maybe getting ready for me to come in?  It is a thought.  Anyway, they are demolishing the whole thing—the white box, shredded paper, Piper's favoritea phone book, and probably a little bit of the floor too, I do believe.  I have my popcorn and am enjoying the show.  I wonder what it will look like once they are done.  I get to pick out the new linoleum floor we are getting soon.  Dad said he will not have to pay for the carpet to be removed because Nico and Piper will do it for free…or maybe for a carrot or two.  Okay, let’s shhh and watch below….push play now.



Sunday, September 18, 2011

Tokki the Fearless

I will try anything at least twice.  In my pen, I have moved my cardboard castle close enough to the corner to allow me to keep my back paws on top of the castle and my front paws on the edge of the pen to make my move to jump out.  Mom caught me before jumping the fence.  I escaped once before, but in a different way.  I got on the top shelf and jumped off the box on the side, which was supposed to block any escape routes, but actually made it a lot easier to catapult out of there.  The shoebox is better positioned to block any getaway now.  And, I have undone the lock to my door because Dad forgot to completely latch it and I got out <proud smile>!

I also run around with sideway binkies and race towards the entertainment unit and stop on a dime.  I will do that a few times and then I will speed up and over, thru, or under the entertainment unit to the cords.  I don’t chew…well, I don’t have time before Mom or Dad comes and gets me.  I am a trickster with my big brown eyes and innocent puppy look face.  Haha!

I will climb on top of the couch…the higher I go, the better it is for me.  I love seeing the whole world from higher places.  I even try climbing the bookcase to pick out my own CD or DVD.

I am not bonded with Nico or Piper yet.  When they come to the living room, I try to get out and fuss through the pen because I want to go play them.  I have not met a person I didn’t like and I will be as good as gold until they are gone and then I am back to my trickster ways.  Also, I will be chinning one minute and then, in a flash, a piece of the wall corner is gone and I will take off running!

I am good too though.  I am just going through my bunny child stage and getting all of my trickster ways out of my system before my operation.  I am Tokki the Fearless!  But my question is to you...are you smarter than a bunny?

I will always be fearless!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

In the Middle

What does it mean being the middle bunny child?  The oldest gets things first, has been there the longest, and gets to be boss.  The youngest is considered to be the cutest, needs more attention, and is maybe a little more protected. Well in this household, I let Nico, the oldest, think he is boss and right now, that’s about right with the youngest, because Tokki is only five months old.  However, I am pretty darn cute in my own right.  The middle is having something on either side of you.  It doesn’t define you.  Mom and Dad make time for me, just like the rest.  By the way, Dad is a middle child too.  I like being in the middle.  I like it, I like it a lot.  If you think about it though, Nico is actually in the middle of this household.  However, I am the middle bunny child and I wear that badge with honor because in this family, they know who is boss…that would be ME <smiling>.

Catch you in the middle!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

The Art of Butt

The Art of Butt is when a bunny shows his or her backside to their parents.  To go a little deeper into the Art of Butt, you have to understand that when parents do something to displease their bunny, the bunny has the right to give the butt without incurring any trouble or penalty.  Master Bunny always says to give the butt when parents are aware when they have upset their bunny (like when our parents go on vacation and don't take us with them or when we return from the vet).  It is then at that moment’s second glance, the bunny shall then turn and show his or her backside…meaning the butt, just in case one didn’t catch that.  I would advise all bunnies to read The Art of Butt by Bun Tzu.  It is very enlightening.  Piper and I are working on our Master Level of the Butt. 

Givin’ the Butt ch-ch, ch-ch
Givin’ the Butt ch-ch, ch-ch

<With a paw off to the side like a showman> Yeah!!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

A Thousand Words




Thursday, September 1, 2011

Hay Rolls

Mom will take old empty toilet paper rolls and make us hay rolls.  You might want to take this down.  I will wait for you to get a piece of paper and a pen <long pause>.

Ready!?!  You take an empty toilet paper roll or a paper towel roll and stuff it with hay, hay, and more hay.  Then you give it to the bunny that you love and they will have as much fun as we do.  We pick them up and throw them around.  We like the tug of war with the rolls to get the hay out!  We snag the hay out bit by bit and then we take our noses and pull with our teeth, tugging to get the food.    Humans have spring rolls; bunnies have hay rolls.  And we don’t have to go to the store to buy ours, they are homemade.  A toast to the hay rolls…hip hip hooray!

<A sing-along> Hey, hey, haaay rolls…hey, hey haaay rolls!