Saturday, December 10, 2011

Fiber, Not Fiber

Mom tells me to eat fiber, so I told the rest of us—Piper, Ziggy, and Tokki that we need to eat more fiber since it helps us digest our food.  “Eat more fiber” is such an odd term.  If Mom says to eat more, then by George, we will eat more fiber.  We have round the clock access to hay, and for breakfast, Dad mixes in pumpkin with our Critical Care, all which contains plenty of fiber.  It is all good. 

However, now we are told by Mom and Dad NOT to eat more fiber.  Then we ARE told to eat more fiber, then not to eat fiber…fiber, not fiber?  See, we help drill down for our own fiber.  I nudge my nose into the rug and dig down to the root of the fiber.  Piper will dance around with a fiber in her mouth.  Ziggy doesn’t do it so much, but Tokki eats it like I do.  Fiber, fiber…a whole floor of fiber is everywhere.  They tell us, “Fiber, not fiber!”  There is still a little confusion, but we are slowing down on the fiber until we know which fiber.  Piper is researching it.

Oh, sweet tasting fiber,

Piper’s Notes
Dietary fiber:  roughage of the indigestible portion of plant foods.
Carpet fiber:  the basic material from which carpet is manufactured.

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