Friday, November 25, 2011

Say Hello

Mom and Dad go to the bunny sanctuary at least once a month to say hello to all of the bunnies that need a home.  Dad helps clean out bunny rooms and does certain manual tasks around the place.  Mom will hold, pet, and love on the bunnies that haven’t been adopted yet. We know which Saturday they have been there because Mom and Dad come home smelling of other bunnies. 

We get a little jealous; nevertheless, we understand too.  It is good that our parents want to spend time with all of the bunnies.  If it was up to Mom, all of the bunnies in the world would live together in Utopia <smiling>.

Mom and Dad will come to us one-on-one and say hello to us, not just on Saturdays but every day throughout the week.  Mom will come in and visit us in our room and pet us one-on-one.  Nico and I have a good time stretching our legs out in the living room.  Dad will lay down while I jump and dig on his back.  I give him nose bumps and lick his arms and legs.  Dad’s shirts are the best to dig on <smiling>.
They have their time with Tokki and Ziggy too.  I don’t know the details too much because Tokki and Ziggy get to explore the living room on their own.  One day, Tokki and I will be BBBB (Best Bonded Bunny Buddies).  I guess the moral of this tail is, hahaha, I said tail, meaning tale <a little laughter> is…a simple “hello” for a few minutes a day can go a long way in a bunny’s life.


  1. Everybunny needs a little love in their lives every day. So good of your mom and dad to give some to those in need.

  2. Saturdays at your house sound nice :)