Monday, November 21, 2011

My Name is Ziggy

My name is Ziggy.  I am a dark coffee brown Netherland Dwarf bunny.  I have been around the block going on five years or so.  They always say good things come in small packages.  Well, mister, I am no different.  I am a little guy weighing in at about one pound, but I have a large, spunky personality.  I am actually learning that myself because I had been cooped up in a hutch for the past several years, but watch me now. 

I am like that running back in football who people say can’t make it in the NFL…tell that to Darren Sproles.  I am like that small guy in basketball who people say cannot dunk…tell that to Spud Webb.  I am like the actor who people say is too small to play big roles…tell that to Danny DeVito.  I am that small bunny who people didn’t believe could survive outdoors for years through all of the weather and crazy environment…but I did <wink>. 

I like my new home with the other bunnies.  Hopefully someday we will all be bonded, but meanwhile I like talking to them through the pen and doing my back pedal binkies in the living room.  Mom holds me a lot and I like that.  Boy, she gets a lot of tooth purring from me.  

It seems I will be here from now on and I am feeling more comfortable as the days go by.  I guess I get to write down my thoughts and share them now that there is an audience willing to read them <smiling>.

Thank you,

PS – How does Z-Bun, Z-Man, or Zig Man sound for my nickname?


  1. Welcome, Ziggy! Congratulations on your new home and family. Looking forward to hearing from you (and I vote for the nickname Z-Bun). :)

  2. And good things come to those who wait, congrats on finding a happy home Z-Bun (we think you can have ALL those nick names).

  3. Welcome cute Ziggy! I hope you are very happy in your new home. I love the nickname ZigMan, but I bet you get all the above and more :)

  4. Welcome ziggy! You are one GORGEOUS bunny!

  5. One pound?! You are a TINY little guy! Congratulations on finding your forever home :) All nicknames sound good to me!

  6. I-Z-Bunn is our choice for a name. And - you are one lucky bunn! How sweet.